Do not let joy in, do not let love—
Banish lust and God and doves.
Do not let angels touch your hair,
Silly rainbows, I don’t care.
No tarot cards, no Holy Ghost,
Prayers are futile. Art is rote.

History is good and true.
And war, of course, and tax law too.
Excel sheets and hedge-fund rates—
Will usher through the Pearly Gates.

Society, I cherish so
It’s all so noble, it’s all so droll.
Just don’t stare long at the sun—
For what you worship, you become.

Stones churn and roll with each new tide,
Boys lift their legs on a bicycle ride!
A little martini at half past two—
A woman’s lips— succumb to you—

Like a river passing through the night
That moves the bridge’s reflecting light
On black black water— like dragon’s blood—
How it Lures me, enchanting— before the flood.

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